Under The Paws of Cats

Under The Paws of Cats Color

Under The Paws of Cats Follow the daily hilarious shenanigans of the adorable cats: Huang, Hua, Blanche and Klein. Cats are the only non-social animals that humans have successfully domesticated. Then we get frustrated because we can’t get close to cats as easily as we can with dogs. But have we misunderstood their signs? Cats also have subtle body language – their emotions show when their tails twitch, their fur is raised, and the position of their ears and mustaches. A purr is often (but not always) friendly and pleasant. They are often reliable signs if the cat is being friendly or indicate it is best to leave them alone. Although we can explain with certainty the attachment of dogs to humans, despite the thousands of years of domestication that cats have been around humans, they still suffer from a bad public image.

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