Webtoon Twin Sister’s Strike Declaration

쌍둥이 언니의 파업 선언.
Webtoon Twin Sister’s Strike Declaration Color

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‘I don’t want to go back to the past.’ Rosette, who was born a saint, but lived as a surrogate all her life in place of her sister who was not given any powers. But the only thing that came back to him was betrayal and a tragic death. An unfamiliar voice sounded in his ear. And Rosette is forced to return to the past. “Are you crazy, Rosette?! What are you thinking about? You can’t do anything without my name!” “Shut up, Lea.” “What, what?” Rosette decided. I will live the opposite of my last life. I will make the position of saint and family mine. The Rosette twins are a joyous revenge drama against their family. Read this webtoon fastes update only at soramanga.com | Read more webtoon romance or shoujo manhwa only at soramanga.com

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