I’m tired of Novel Transmigration

The Exhausting Reality of Novel Transmigration
I'm tired of Novel Transmigration Color

I’m fed up with the book-crossing now. That’s right, I’ve been through for the 4th time already. The character I’m going through this time is the heroine’s villainous sister. “Ah, that’s boring” Now I don’t feel interested in my life and who the characters I am going to be. I just have to live a long life and then be transferred to the next life…. However, there are a few new things throughout this book. “Why can’t I use an ability like the second reincarnation?” “Why is the heroine so clingy to me?” The heroine Alicia in the original, has an extremely unhappy and difficult situation. As the heroine of my previous reincarnation, I couldn’t just let her walk on the muddy road. I will use everything I have to change Alicia’s destiny. “My sister, no one will be allowed to force you to be the heroine” I then picked up the male lead’s brother, who helped Alicia in her escape. Cassion Carter, the villain whose fate is to be murdered by the male lead. *** Please support treemanga.com to quickly translate this story. *** “If you want to live, promise me one thing” A heavy breath escaped from his red face. A poor breath is like an abandoned wild animal. I stroked the poor man’s face and whispered softly. “If I save you…” You risk your life and protect my sister.

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