I Will Be Next to the Main Character

Gong Eun Hwa Sa
I Will Be Next to the Main Character Color

I Will Be Next to the Main Character / I Will Just Stick to the Main Character / I Will Stick to the Protagonist / 주인공 옆에 붙어만 있겠습니다 She became possessed by a madman who plans to kill more than 10 of her fiancées alone. They say that there is no medicine for being bitten by a mad dog, and I ‘m trying to get a free ride on the main character’s world domination… . “You are really weak.” … Could that be unusually strong? Why do you keep taking me with you, saying it’s useless? Can’t I just take the bus comfortably? “Are my hands too cold?” “no.” “… … But why do you keep trying to let go?” “That, that’s it, just to stroke your head for saying you did a good job!” I pretended not to be scared and replied confidently, and Sirius laughed as if he was doing something cute. Although he was young, his handsome face was already dazzling. If he hadn’t been covered in blood, he would’ve been pretty. “yes? Then go ahead and praise me.” Don’t pretend to be friendly all of a sudden, you madman. Elena’s hand trembled and landed on top of her silver hair.​

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