I Was Seduced by the Sick Male Lead

I Was Seduced by the Sick Male Lead Color

Read manga I Was Seduced by the Sick Male Lead on teenmanhua.com I was reincarnated as the earl’s daughter and the male lead’s fiancée when I was young This body is a cruel villain, trying to separate the male and female protagonists, which ruined her family. Life is comfortable right now, but I can’t let my family get involved in other people’s love affairs So I tried to stay away from the male lead who was recovering, but he kept approaching me. Cassis went to the kitchen and complained about the side dishes “What? Mmph!” “Ogugu~ You’re eating well, aren’t you?” “Mmmmph!” “Huh? What? You want carrots? Okay” *According to information: Carrot is the thing that Cassis hates the most *** Whenever I see him, the male lead starts to look sad, as if he’s attached to me while we argue loudly. Besides, the way he looks at me is getting weird? “Evelyn, do you want me to get well soon?” “Of course. Then you won’t have to do this nasty thing anymore.” “….I wish it could continue to hurt more.” “Really, what are you talking about? I don’t like that” I said a lot of bad things to get rid of him because we had to break the engagement anyway But it backfired…? “Evelyn. I’m hurt” “Did I do something wrong to you, Cassis?” “No?” So why does he keep getting hurt? It’s spent. The male lead has no intention of going home! And why is he fighting the heroine instead of me?

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Chapter I Was Seduced by the Sick Male Lead