Best Of Luck, Warrior!

Best Of Luck, Warrior! Color

The Devil King whom I defeated in my past life is now my boss in the office?! Baek Young-woong (meaning hero in korean), an ordinary office worker reborn with the memories of his past life as a warrior who defeated the devil king! The memories were only useful when he used to write webnovels as a child. Young-woong regrets having useless memories of his past life and gets a job in the executive secretarial office of Daeryong ENT, a big company. However, after meeting the CEO, Do Yeon-hwa, for the first time, I feel the trauma from my past life experience…? It’s like, you’re facing a really strong and big devil…! Read the terribly intertwined romance of the devil king, the CEO and the warrior, the newest secretary! Good Luck, Warrior! / Good Luck, Soldier! / 행운을 빌어요, 용사님! / Good Luck, Hero!

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Chapter Best Of Luck, Warrior!