Baby Who Catches The Wind

Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Isekai, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo
Baby Who Catches The Wind Color

Twice divorced, living in a situation that does not receive love. I wondered what this life would be like, and in the end I was still thrown away. Each life has a different reason, but the end is the same. There is no one to give me love. “From now on my name will be Tiliace” “Welcome to this place, Tili” The handsome baron picked me up and brought me home. Is it awkward and warm to have a family like this? But…what’s on everyone’s head? Clouds, suns, clouds are falling raindrops and thunder. Ah, so I was reincarnated with the ability to see people’s emotions. But there are people who always have rain clouds and thunder and lightning no matter what their mood is. “My husband abandoned me!” Then I found out, that’s the measure of ‘wind’! “Just know how to make use of this…!” The baron family, who was oppressed by the evil nobles, no longer have to worry! I will use the money to make my family an earl, no, a billionaire!

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