An Inescapable Love

거부할 수 없는 운명
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Read manhwa An Inescapable Love on perlesscans For Princess Seollan, life as twins and the shadow of a sick crown prince was a suffocating prison. So when the king ordered her to marry Jihwan of the Choi House, she knew it was her only chance to escape the palace and its shackles. Unfortunately, poor Jihwan was cursed by a vengeful white fox with a dangerous thirst for royal blood, and died for their marriage. But in the end, the two were powerless to stop the wedding. So Seollan is determined to find a cure for her new husband – but the truth they discover may be more cruel than the curse itself. Will their beginning love bloom in the snow, despite the harsh winds of fate that lie ahead?

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Warning, the series titled "An Inescapable Love" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.

Chapter An Inescapable Love