A Spoonful of Your Love

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Read manga A Spoonful of Your Love on perlesscans.com A secret office romance between the son of a large corporation executive and his novice secretary. Forever liar! Yeonju gave up her career to pursue love, but only left her with scars and pain… After getting a position at a large company as a secretary, she has to face her new boss. Jaehyun, who is also Yeonju’s old classmate! Jaehyun’s serious handsome looks and hot temper have earned him the nickname “S.H.B” or “super handsome guy” by the staff. After a series of humiliating situations, Jaehyun admits that he no longer wants to be friends, and wants to date. Yeonju, who always thought she would never date again, finds herself interested despite her best efforts not to fall in love with him!

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Chapter A Spoonful of Your Love