A Poisonous Lily

A Poisonous Lily Color

The Holy Empire of Serife’s saintess, Lily Stella. She was a holy existence that nobody dared to disrespect. But one day, she stopped hearing God’s voice, and the Holy Empire of Serife fell to ruin. Lily Stella, who was thrown into a well by the hands of the enemy, cursed the God of Serife whom she served all her life with all her might. “Serife. If you’re still listening to my voice, give me another opportunity. But if I die like this and return to your arms, I…” “I will tear you to pieces and eat you alive.” When she opened her eyes, wondering what happened, she had become Lily Stella of 17 years ago. She had returned as a 6 year old child… She threw away her past life’s innocent self as the saintess. Deciding to become wicked, and to only live for herself.

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Chapter A Poisonous Lily