A Misogamist’s Romance

Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance
A Misogamist's Romance Color

Eunsoo Min is an all-star overachiever: She’s smart, beautiful, she went to the best schools, and everything she does in her professional life is a success. Her life is going great—and the last thing wants to do is get married. So when her boyfriend proposes, she dumps him on the spot. Still, anyone would be depressed after a breakup. She goes drinking with her team from work, gets plastered, and winds up in bed with Hyunjae Do—the team newbie! She decides to forget all about it, and life goes back to normal. Except for one thing—morning sickness! Will she let Hyunjae raise the baby with her like he wants to? Or will she stay true to her anti-marriage stance? Speed Romance / Speeding Romance / 超速罗曼史 / 속도위반 로맨스

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